Theresia Feneberg Kock - 07/07/1903 to 11/02/2001

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I am seeking family information about my OMA, Theresia Feneberg Kock, who was born in the Munich, Germany area on July 7, 1903; perhaps Kempton where many of the Feneberg's seem to live. She passed away on November 2, 2001.

My mother is Thekla Liselotte Feneberg Carter, born 10/20/1927 in Munich and died in Texas/USA 12/09/2010; my OMA was not married at the time of my mother's birth.  The father listed on her birth certificate is Xavier Kneitel however, her biological father was thought to be a Dr. Gisenhofer where my OMA worked as a cook.

Is anyone aware of who my biological OPA might be?  Or, are you aware of the name of my OMA's parents? I'd love to know more about my German family history.

Theresa Jeanette Carter

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