Looking for Nelson John Adams (or Adam) born in Alsace France 24 June 1838

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Hello all,

I'm hoping someone here can help me with this elusive ancestor of mine. (I also posted this in the France region board on this site.)

I show that he was born in France on June 24, 1838, immigrated to the US, and settled in Illinois in Hinckley, IL in 1880. (his son Nelson John Jr. was born in Hinckley in February 1880.) He was married to Anna Lorenz (or Lawerance) i believe in 1877 in Chicago.

I show some census records showing him in Iowa, same birth year, saying he immigrated in 1846 to the US. I am unable to find an immigration record. I'm also assuming this is my Nelson John Adams since it says he was born in France, same year. I show a war record saying he registered for the Civil War in IA in 1863. This man, if it's the same man, seems to have moved around a lot between IA and IL.

I have his death certificate, but it says he was born in France and the informant (granddaughter) didn't know who his mother or father were.  He died in IL in 1929.

On different censuses, it says he's German or French or Bohemian, and this is what my mother and her brother recall being told, that they were all those things.

I'm hoping someone can help me!

Thank you,

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<< Nelson John Adams since it says he was born in France, same year >>
what is the chance you'll find 2 Nelson John Adams born on the same date ??  :)

<< moved around a lot between IA and IL >>
Totally normal: he was not a farmer, he was a day laborer, a farm labor, then a house painter. He went where he could find work.

<< married i believe in 1877 in Chicago >> and twice divorsed:
2nd spouse: Anna Lorenz marriage 10 Sep 1877 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
1st spouse: Lucy Burr marriage Feb 1866 La Salle, Illinois

<<  it says he's German or French or Bohemian >>
Anna was born in Bohemia.
Germany or France: at the time, the borders were moving, and it's very commun for people to say one year they were born in France & next year in Germany.

<< unable to find an immigration record >>
if he came when he was 8 years old:  he came with his family.
No guarantee they came through NY, they could have come through Canada.

The only possible family that I found in the New York, Passenger and Immigration Lists, 1820-1850
Mr.  __?__ Adams born abt 1800
Mrs. __?__ Adams born abt 1805
John Adams born abt 1838

Arrival Date: 26 Jun 1845
Place of Origin: Deutschland
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Ship: Waterloo

other possible family  in 1850: Calumet, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
all born in Germany

Hes john Adams 48 1802
Margaret Adams 41 1809
Catharine Adams 14 1836
John M Adams 11 1839
Lorenzo Adams 7 1843

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