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RE: John Stephen Marlow and Honora from Cork

Publicado: 29 Agosto 2012, 19:04
por cdelicata
Searching for ancestors of Honora who married John Stephen Marlow (Born 18 October 1793 - St. Mary, Nottinghamshire, England, parents Thomas Marlow and Anne Hall). I have searched on FreeREG and cannot find a marriage. Since their first child Hanora was born in Cork I am assuming they married in Cork.

I have found the births of their children in Hampshire, it does not list mothers maiden name.

Below are their children:

Hanora Marlow Born 1919 - Cork, Ireland

Thomas Marlow Born 2 June 1822 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Mary Ann Marlow Born 14 September 1823 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

John Marlow Born 26 June 1825 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Henry Marlow Born 25 March 1828 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Richard William Marlow Born 27 December 1829 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Died 27 March 1832 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England , age at death: 2 years old

Stephen William Marlow Born 10 June 1832 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Re : RE: John Stephen Marlow and Honora from Cork

Publicado: 18 Septiembre 2012, 15:32
por cdelicata
I did find an Honora Marlow as a witness to another marriage. She is around the right age as the Honora Marlow I am looking for.

Area - DUBLIN (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - ST. ANDREW

Marriage of MICHAELEM KEARNY of N/R and ANNAM CONNOR of N/R on 6 June 1821

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Curtis Delicata