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Marriage photographs project

Publicado: 14 Enero 2018, 20:09
por acorn

Is it possible to create a new Project that focuses on old photographs of groups of people?

I have marriage photographs from 1910 - 1940 from several small towns in Brittany, France. I have identified my family members who were present at the marriage of a relative. Perhaps other researchers would be happy to find their family members in photographs that they were unaware of ? They could identify their relatives on the posted photograph, and we would all profit by this group effort.

Just an idea.....

David Gauthier

Re : Marriage photographs project

Publicado: 15 Enero 2018, 01:56
por conantusa
I think it's an excellent idea.  Have over 200 marriage pictures going back to the beginning of photography.  All taken in the United States.  Unfortunately, many (although family related) are unknown. 

Would be hoping such a project could help identify some of these couples.  I do have a list of possible surnames.

Re: Marriage photographs project

Publicado: 21 Enero 2019, 00:55
por conant2leland
The perfect project. Most old wedding photos contain family members who are no longer recognized. And if your project really takes off (which I believe it will) so many people may be identified in such photos.

And I am a firm believer in photographic evidence for genealogy. I don't know how many marriage certificates I've come across which have spelling and other errors. A family photo with identifications written or pasted on the back are pretty solid proof the alleged marriage did, indeed, take place!