Guyader/Lossouarn? or Louchouarn

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Good Evening,

I am so very thankful for all of your help regarding my search. I have requested documents and I am still facing some roadblocks and clarity on last names. I am still waiting on some documents.

My great grandfather- Guillaume le Guyader 1846 in Kernevel. I cannot find his birth or death information or his parents. Some documents are Le Guyader and some are Guyader. He married Marie Renee Lossouarn in 1875 in Kernevel and had my grandfather Mathieu Guyader. I have 2 spellings on her last name Jean Marie Louchouarn and Renee Lancien as her parents. Any research or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Nicole Guyader

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Hi Nicole,

These are normal variations of surnames, don't worry!
As for the archives in this part of France, very few are online but you can ask for a digital copy here:

It is a service provided by very efficient volunteers ;)

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