Nicolas Sauteur of Moussey, Moselle

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Nicolas Sauteur of Moussey b. 6 Dec 1737 to Dominique Sauteur and wife Marguerite Robert. His birth record is at Birth, baptism: 0932 - AD 57, en ligne, Moussey - 9NUM/492ED1E1

He seems to have disappeared, although there are indications he married in 1760 in Lorquin.

Looking for definitive documentation on his marriages and children.

Thanks in advance.

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Good morning,
The documents for Lorquin are not yet on line. You have to ask for a goodwilling person.
The best should be to go to the French geneanet (changing the language at left bottom of this page) and by posting your query for the departement de Moselle 57. ( ).
Write in French and use google translate with short sentences and clear question. I propose as a start:
Subject : Recherche d'un mariage a Lorquin en 1760 de Dominique Sauteur avec Marguerite Robert.
Les archives de Lorquin n'etant pas numérisees, je recherche un benevole pour photographier le mariage en 1760 de Dominique Sauteur, (né a Moussey en 1737) avec Marguerite Robert.
Pouvez-vous s'il vous plait m'envoyer une photographie de l'acte ?
Si en plus vous trouvez des actes de naissances d'enfants, ce serait excellent.
Je vous remercie d'avance.
D. Graser
Back to your question, one geneanet member gives small clue for further research.
You could try to contact him directly, as he informs he understands english.
There was at least a child : Barbe (Barbara) SAUTEUR who had several children.

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Thank you for the reply!


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