Ludwik W. Kozerski at Montdidier Cemetery

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I have a question, or rather a request. It is connected with the wartime fate of one of my relatives - Ludwik Wawrzyniec Kozerski (1883-1916) from Wolków in Poland. Recently, I was able to find out that this one of my quite distant relatives was a soldier of the German army and fought during World War I. He was lost on July 16, 1916, during the battle of Verdun - most probably he was also killed then. Thanks to the website I managed to find out that his grave survived to our times. He was buried at the German military cemetery in Montdidier in the Somme department (block 2, grave 364). And here is my question. Is there anyone who I could ask to take a picture of Kozerski's grave for me? I have asked for similar help several times on Polish forums, and every time someone was able to go to the cemetery and take a picture of the tombstone that interests me. Perhaps one of you lives near this cemetery and being there, by the way, will be able to take such a picture for me. Please let me know.


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good morning
I have no time these days, as I am busy out of home.
but you can ask for mutual help on the French geneanet for such a task;
Writing must be in french; better to try in September when people go back home after holidays
I'll explain the procedure within 2 weeks


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