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Prudent-Emile Allix

Publicado: 09 Noviembre 2015, 00:28
por rallix
I have been successful in finding most of the family of Prudent Emile Allix (Emile Prudent; Emile Charles) born 1849 in India. However I have met a brick wall in trying to find out about his father, also I believe called Prudent Emile Allix. He was certainly in India in 1838 when he was confirmed as a government pharmacist for the French government in Pondichery. However I cannot discover if he was born in India or (as family tradition has it) he was born in France and sent out to India by the government of the day. He does not seem to belong to the extensive branch of the Allix family that settled in and around Manche on the West Coast of France so I have no clue about where in France he might have come from originally If anyone has any information I would be very interested to hear.

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Publicado: 19 Diciembre 2019, 16:41
por bretoncreole

Prudent Louis ALLIX and his wife, Elisa Matilda COUTET, had a son in 1846

Louis Henry Edouard ALLIX


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He is 26 years old and she is 22 years old,

There was another member of the ALLIX family in Pondichéry

François Auguste Prudent ALLIX married Maria Rosalia WODSCHON in 1840


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He is 25 years and born to Prudent ALLIX (+1835) and Florimone Mélanie GALLET (+1815). His paternal granparents were François ALLIX and Marie Magdelaine PORTIE.

In 1839, I find the marriage record of Prudent Louis ALLIX and Elisa Mathilda COUTET


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His parents are + Prudent Louis François ALLIX and Elizabeth LE NORMAND

He is a native of Pondichéry


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Death record of Prudent ALLIX in 1835 at the age of 50. It doesn't mention his place of origin


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Publicado: 19 Diciembre 2019, 17:01
por bretoncreole
François ALLIX passed away in Pondichéry in 1796


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He was born in "Can en Normandie"

Prudent Louis François ALLIX got baptized in 1784


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The baptism record says that his father is from "St Pierre de la Vieille, Dioceze de Bayeux en Basse Normandie", his mother being from "Ste Marguerite de Paris", which is not good news because the records of Paris are missing.

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Publicado: 19 Diciembre 2019, 17:14
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Publicado: 19 Diciembre 2019, 17:19
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François ALLIX married Marie Madeleine PORTIER on June 11th 1776 in Paris, Nicolas des Champs parish. The record is lost.

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Publicado: 19 Diciembre 2019, 17:32
por bretoncreole