Laclaustra Family

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I am looking for anyone with information about the family of Manuel and Plazida Laclaustra. They were origanally from Spain and lived in Oloron Sainte Marie, France before imigrating to America in 1903. They had 8 children that imigrated with them: Emilia, Antonio,Leanore, Manuel Jr, Gnarnation, Seraphin, Emile, and Henri. Manuel moved back to France in the early 1920 after his wife died before returning to America in 1927. His imigration papers in 1927 indicate that he had been living with sons in Bizanos, France. It looks like one of them could have been named Manager. I would love to find some information on thse sons, or make a conection with family currently living in France.

Note: Manuel Jr had some realtives come over to America in 1950. They were Emile and Odette Laclaustra. I would love to talk to anyone who knows of them. I belive that they were cousins or nephew and neice. They returned to France.

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