would like to find my family in france

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Hello foreigner friends,

Genealogy in France works with departmental archives. I don't know if there is any national or regional archives that are able to be looked at in order to find an ancestor.

If you can find your ancestor on the mrmons site (, you may find a more accurate localisation than just France.
If you have a city, town, we can lookup how many exists named like this, and look in its departmental archive.
If you have no idea of the localisation, then it's a big job!!!

Maybe you know where your ancestor took the boat to emigrate. From the passengers list you should find its home town. that's a track to follow.

I'm sorry I did not answer earlier, I never found this subject :)


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My mother at 3 and my Grandmother came to the United States from France. My Grandmother is Suzanne Castang, her father is Simon Castang born 1863 in Ribagnac, Dordogne, France. Married Feb. 19 1895 to Marie Chort born 1 sept. 1874 at campsegret, Dordogne, France. Her Parents are Pierre Chort born between 1827 and 1834 in I think Beleymus, Dordogne, France. Her Mother is Petronille Bonneau. I have no information on her at all.
Simon Castangs parents are , Father Antoine Castang born I think in 1828, not exactly sure where in Dordogne ,

France. Simon's Mother is Marie Blanc I think born in 1829 somewhere in Dordogne, France.
This is all the information I have on them. Any help I can get will be so greatly appreciated. I would love to find my Family i n France and my ancestors.

Thank you,
Joyce A. Westenskow



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