Knie circus dynasty (Germany & Switzerland)

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Hi all,
I'm looking for ancestors and descendants of the famous Knie circus dynasty:

Knie family:
Friedrich Knie (1784-1850) created the Knie Circus business in Germany.

He was married to Antonia (Toni) Stauffer.

They had five children:
1. Rudolf Knie (1808-1858) was born on July 14, 1808.
2. Georg (1809-1849),
3. Karl (1813-1860),
4. Fanny-Adelheid (1814-1857),
5. Franz (1816-1896).

All these five children and later their own families performed in the circus. They traveled a lot across Europe with their shows. Eventually, they moved the base of their circus from Germany to Switzerland. More information about this dynasty is here:

In particular, I'm looking for any information about the parents of Anna Agathe Knie, who, based on the stories from my family could belong to this circus dynasty.

Anna Agathe Knie was born in approx. 1843 (Prussia, exact place of birth is unknown, but most probably in Thuringia)

In 1863, in Odessa (Ukraine) Anna married Theodor Friedrich August Kreutzberg (born 1835, Prussia), the eldest son of the famous Kreutzberg menagerie owner - Johan Gottlieb Christian Kreutzberg (1814-1874, Germany).

Earlier, in October 1862, also in Odessa (Ukraine), Anna Knie gave birth to Theodor Kreutzberg's daughter - Dorothea Emilie Alexandrine Kreutzberg.

They traveled across Europe and at some point of time moved to Leipzig, Germany.
Anna's date and place of death are unknown.

If you might have any information about the Knie circus family and hopefully about Anna Agathe Knie's ancestors, please get in touch!

Thank you!

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