How to search for a missing child

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I have a relative that states in the 1911 UK census that she had 12 children - 8 alive and 4 dead. I have tracked down 11 of these children, one of which was illegitimate and born when she had just turned 17. The illegitimate child was accepted by her husband when she married at 18, so he could have been the father but I suspect the actual father was the head of the household she was a domestic servant in.I doubt I can ever prove that or indeed find out who the father actually is. The illegitimate child's baptism record has no father name listed but the very next entry is a half-sibling that does show the husband's name as father.

All that aside, my problem is how to locate the missing 12th child. The child had to be born before 1911 and probably died before that date also but I am getting zero from all sources. I assume any child born after the marriage June 1872 would be found with both husband and wife but I am not getting any children that I don't already have, likewise no death certificates. Any children born before the illegitimate child (b.1871) are unlikely as she would have had to be 15 or I am stuck.

Any ideas how and where to search?

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If the child lived a few hours they may not have bothered recording the birth and the death, although it would be quite illegal. Could it be a still birth that the mother counted as one child, which it is really.


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