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DeLos McMillin

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Have very little to go on. Delos McMillin lived in upstate NY. He has a son Mark and a daughter Sidonna. His mother was Ethel and I beleive his father was William.
If you know of this family I would like info.Also the maiden name of Ethel.

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I believe I have found your family by looking at census and draft records

In 1930, Delos A. McMillin lived at 202 Van Buren St., Newark, Wayne, NY.
Father: Clifford B. McMillin born 12 June 1892 in NY
Mother: Ethel E. born 1897 (her father was born in NY, her mother born in England) unknown surname.
brothers: Carroll born1920 in NY
William born 1922 in NY
sister: Jane Ann born 1924 in NY
Delos A. born Nov 1, 1929, died Feb 7, 1993 in Alton, Wayne, NY

Clifford and Ethel married in 1915. You might want to look at churches in the Newark area at this time and see if you can obtain a marriage cert to find out Ethels family name.
Clifford was a construction labourer in 1930.

Cliffords McMillin's family:

Father: Frederick A. McMillin born Nov 1853 in NY
Mother: Eva S. born Aug 1859 (unknown surname)
brothers: Floyd C. born Mar 17, 1887
Bernard R. born Aug 1889
John C. born Nov 20,1890
Clifford born Jun 12, 1892
all born in NY

Fredericks father is listed as coming from Ireland. Frederick was a carpentar/builder.
Eva's parents are both listed as coming from Germany. Eva had six children so there are two older ones other than the four listed above that I couldn't find the names for. Brothers Floyd, John and Clifford worked for their father as machinists. Frederick had a boat shop in Sodus Point, NY.



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