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241 entradas

1809 - 1815

Polla, Salerno, Italia

Notas : Index to the marriage registers of the municipality of Polla in the Province of Salerno created during the Napoleonic period (1809 to 1815). The index is based on the duplicate registers kept in the State Archives of Salerno and digitised at the Portale Antenati. Dates are for the registration of the solemn promise to marry; from mid-1815, the registers also recorded the date of the church wedding which followed and these are included in the 'notes' section, along with any other pertinent information. There are no gaps in the series. For 1809, 1810, 1811, 1812 and 1815, register books are arranged annually and entry numbers restarted at the beginning of each year; for 1813 and 1814, the register is bound into one book and the entry numbers are continuous. With the exception of 1810 and 1811, the registers do not give the place of birth of the spouse or exact dates of birth; to find this information, users can consult the 'processetti' volumes (also on Antenati). Where either spouse or any of their parents were domiciled outside of Buccino at the time of marriage, this is recorded in the 'notes' section of the index.

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