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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Fuente : Internet Archive

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Fuente : Internet Archive

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make concessions to the people. Don Juan of Austria in the mean time was sent with a fleet to enforce

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Artigas, a R-tee'gis, (Don Juan or Fernando Jos6,, a South American general, born at Montevideo about

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wrote the part of " Don Juan" for him. In 1815 he was called to Dresden, where he became manager

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Sardanapalus," " Werner," and " Don Juan." Having fully embarked in the cause of Grecian freedom, he left Italy in

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1868 his father, Don Juan, abdicated his claims in favour of Carlos. In 1873 '^^ latter entered the

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de Miranda, kir-rin'yo di me-rin'di, (Don Juan,) a skilful Spanish painter of history and portraits, was born in Asturias in

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Cavallero, ki-vil-ya'ro, or Caballero, ki-Bil-ya'ro, (Don Juan,) a Spanish general, born in Naples in 17 12.

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Byron's " Don Juan," (1825,) and a collection of poems, entitled " Horace in New York," (1826.)

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y Horozco, ko-var-roo've-is e o-roth'ko, (Don Juan,) a iicj^hcw of the preceding, was born at Toledo. He became Canon of

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" Don Giovanni" (or " Don Juan") and other dramas, and sonnets. Died August 17, 1838.

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Escoiquiz, Is-ko-e-kith', sometimes written Escoiquitz, (Don Juan,) a Spanish priest and courtier, born in Navarre in 1762, was appointed preceptor

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1810. His heroic poem of Don Juan of Austria," (1846,) and an epic entitled Christopher Columbus," (1836,) are among his

Página 1.150

" History of the Prince Don Juan," a Chronicle of Don Emanuel." (1567,) and other valuable works. He was also

Página 1.214

that fortress against the Infant Don Juan, brother of the king. Don Juan, having failed in his efforts to take

Página 1.221

van, vin S'l Sn, ? (Don Juan,) Count of Peracampos, a Spanish general, of Belgian extraction, was born in the

Página 1.370

Iriarte, de, di e-re-a R'ti, (Don Juan,) an eminent linguist and scholar, born in the island of Teneriffe in 1702.

Página 1.408

VAN DSR Hammen, Vida de Don Juan," 1627, Brusl^ DK Mo NTPLHINCHAMP, " Vie de Don Juan d'Autriche," 1690 ,

Página 1.425

Juan, Don. See John, Don, of Austria.

Página 1.503

Langara, de, di lan-g S'ra, (Don Juan,) a Spanish. Commentary," of which there is an American transla-admiral, born about 1730.

Página 1.665

Nouvelle Biographie G^n^rale." Manuel, m5-noo-§I', (Don Juan,) a Spanish prince and author, was a nephew of Alfonso X. of Castiie.

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was married in 1497 to Don Juan, Infant of Spain, son of Ferdinand and Isabella, who survived but a few

Página 1.704

married to the Spanish prince Don Juan, a son of Ferdinand and Isabella. Among the important acts of his reign

Página 1.797

" Don Giovanni," or " Don Juan," which was first performed at Prague in 1787. The King of Prussia offered

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Penalosa, de, di pin-yi-lo's J, (Don Juan,) a Spanish painter, born at Baeza in 1581 , died in 1636.

Página 1.943

Perpinian, p SR-pe-ne-in', [Lat. Perpinia'nus,] (Pedro Juan,) a Spanish scholar, born in the province of Valencia in 1530. He was

Página 2.140

Bosca, sil-vi-o AR' e bos'ki, (Don Juan,) a Spanish botanist, born in Catalonia in 1598, was the father of the

Página 2.373

by his friend and fellow-traveller, Jorge Juan, " American Notes on Southern and Northeastern America," (" Noticias Americanas sobre la

Página 2.380

Valera, (Don Juan,) a Spanish statesman and author, born at Cabra, Cordova, in 1824. As a